This is one engagement ring that has “blow my mind” written all over it. Remember how you feel when you set your eyes on something special? That is the same way I felt the first time I saw this ring. It was like all the experts came together to make this special ring, the Taylor & Hart Moi Et Toi Engagement Ring. It is a work of art showing the best craftsmanship in the world of diamond rings today.

If you must know colored diamonds are scarce and scarce, I mean ratio 1 to 11000 compared to the white diamond. So, if you have any reservations about what you would get as an engagement ring, you can select the colored diamond, which you can achieve by getting the Taylor & Hart Moi Et Toi Engagement Ring. I say this for certain because this engagement ring has a custom-made design with great value alongside the yellow pearl cut diamond.

The great thing about this diamond is that it is offset at an angle that easily complements the white diamond bringing them together to create a design that is most certainly not easy to find anywhere else. Believe me when I say that the confusion blows away when you set your eyes on this ring because it is the perfect fit for any bride today.

The Craftsmanship and Time put into the Taylor & Hart Moi Et Toi Engagement Ring

As I said earlier, this is a work of art, and more so, it is GIA certified, which makes it the perfect match for you. The pearl diamonds used for this ring are the 0.72 carat SI1 Fancy yellow pear diamond and 0.51 carat VS2 D pear diamond all set into the perfect 18ct yellow gold ring, making it the best not just as an engagement ring but also for your everyday wears. People would always notice this ring even without the actual flaunting women do because it leaves a spark wherever it goes.

One special surprise addition to the Moi Et Toi engagement ring is the ruby. It is a symbolic addition to the ring and a significant representation of the Taylor & Hart signature brand. Without going any further, I have to tell you that this ring is a work of art and something which shows how much time, imagination, and dedication have been set into the making of this engagement ring.

How special is this particular Taylor & Hart Engagement Ring?

Well, from what I have seen and what I know, special does not cut it when it comes to this ring. But that’s just an opinion of mine. The term special is what you define it to be based on what values you have, what is special to you, and what is dear to your heart. To have a closer look at this marvel of a ring, you can visit the How special is this particular Taylor & HartLondon showroom or visit their online store at taylorandhart.com.

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