From my years of experience in the world of diamonds, if there is one thing I know how to do, it is to get across to you the best of wearable jewelry, and one of the best you can get out there is this adorable diamond monkey necklace. I had come across this necklace for the first time around 2013, and believe me; it was love at first sight.

This is one lovely and yet attractive monkey necklace jewelry from Lorraine Schwartz, and it also has a symbolic representation because as for her, this necklace represents the three wise monkeys known as Mizaru, Kikazaru, and Iwazaru or as the name implies, “speak no evil, hear no evil, & see no evil.”

The story behind this necklace started in 2006 when she visited Hong Kong and noticed three monkeys well carved out of lavender jade. This created a positive web of thought inside of her and allowed her to be more aware of herself and the world around her. She did this for about five months, and it inspired her to make this exquisite necklace out of gold and yellow diamonds. She wanted to share the level of inspiration she has experienced with the rest of the world, especially women since they draw inspiration from jewelry.

With all of these, it is obvious she put a lot of work into making this necklace from the monkeys over to the signature necklace, which proves that it is not just like other necklaces out there. From the pictures I put on for this review, you would notice the continuity of the design throughout the necklace with some added Chinese symbols, all of which mean good luck. This is one great design that catches the eye of onlookers and also empowers the wearer for positivity.

According to Lorraine Schwartz’s description of this necklace, we hear the words Speak no evil, hear no evil, & see no evil monkeys, and even with the symbolism, it cracks people up when they hear the name for the first time. Nobody would see this on your neck and not be curious about how it looks, and when you mention the name, it stands well as a great conversation opener.

For those living in Hong Kong China, the three monkeys hold high value and symbolism, and this monkey necklace brings the symbolism and positivity of this Chinese culture to the rest of the world. This brand was launched at the Monkey Bar in the Hotel Elysee in New York, with many celebrities available to make the launch a total blast.

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