The thought of diamonds has been on my mind for a while, which has brought me to the point where I feel that I need to talk about the Lacelet Glimpse Blue Pendant. This pendant is a beautiful blue pendant made by Yves Klein, and it is a masterpiece for those who appreciate abstract designs.

The Lacelet Glimpse Blue Pendant is from a modern collection of a triangle filigree setting the tone in black sterling silver with 18k gold plated or blue pigmented interior and handmade in Burlingame, just south of San Francisco.

A standard method is responsible for this excellent azure hue, a little something not frequently seen in jewelry. The style itself suggests contemporary and casual, and is very close to the real Yves Klein blue; it provides me tremors. Yves Klein worked largely with this particular color in 1957 and adored exploring just how much he could reinvent precisely the same color. He’s renowned for this fantastic tone of ultramarine bluish, referred to as International Klein Blue.

The illustrator in me was influenced by the Lacelet Glimpse Blue Large Pendant and how the filigree layout plays with mild and tone, working in concert like in harmony. Two opposites on the same planet, reliant on one another for their presence. As an early symbol, light has tough connections to many traditions and gives meaning to love and radiance. Then there is the shadow, the darkness that reminds of our very own limits, and the short-term dynamics of all issues. A place in the center, we position adopting the gentle, acknowledging the deep, ever-evolving.

This is one pendant I have come to realize timeless in the presence it brings to the table. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a piece from the Lord of the Rings. It is special, and people deserve something special like this pendant, so with the need to look great, you have got the final piece to your collection. Good looks do not come easy, and the Lacelet Glimpse Blue Pendant makes you look great to any occasion of choice. For me, I have never seen anything complement my dressing like this necklace. Lacelet Glimpse Blue Large Pendant in black sterling silver with 18k gold plated or blue pigmented interior is available online for $100.

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