Mamiya Diamonds Guide: Choosing A Natural Diamond or Lab Grown Diamond

Mamiya Diamonds Guide: Choosing A Natural Diamond or Lab Grown Diamond

Do you like fancy things like diamonds and all that jewelry? In recent years, many diamond alternatives have come to the market, and many people can easily determine if it’s authentic or not. Perhaps you heard about Lab Grown Diamonds and its comparison to Natural ones, and you are curious about its features and how it differs with each other.

Do you want to know what they are and their difference from Natural Diamonds? Lucky for you, as this article will help you know the comparison of the two. With Mamiya Jewelers, you will get useful guidelines about choosing a natural diamond or lab-grown diamond for your jewelry. They sell natural and synthetic diamonds, and each come with their own edge. Read on below and decide which diamond you think wins.

Comparison of Natural Diamonds from Lab-grown Diamonds

There may be no difference with regards to the appearance of Natural Diamonds to Lab-grown diamonds. However, there may be quite differences in cost, quality, sustainability, and value. Let’s know more about these two types of diamonds to understand their differences.

Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are the known hardest natural substance on Earth. It is made from carbon and created for more than a period of three billion years. It was found about 85 miles below the Earth’s mantle, which was formed under a natural condition of very high temperature and pressure.

The natural diamonds normally come to the surface through geological events like underneath the volcanoes. Once the natural diamond has been created, it may travel through the molten rock to the Earth’s surface. That’s the time when it’s mined, enhance, refined, and turned into very beautiful jewelry for industrial purposes. And for the price, natural diamonds are priced based on the quality and rarity of the stone. Here are some of the characteristics of Natural diamonds:

  • They are single crystals that can be finished on a smooth surface
  • Minimal enhancement and development
  • Formed I hundreds of kilometers below the Earth’s surface
  • More expensive than lab-grown diamonds
  • The value increases or appreciates over time
  • Traded for many years
  • Considered as investment-grade diamonds
  • An ideal choice for everyday wear
  • More durable than lab-grown diamonds
  • Conducts and reacts to heat
  • High-rating for hardness

Lab-grown Diamonds 

Natural Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are usually called man-made diamonds under the same conditions as the Natural diamond. It was made under high pressure or temperature. It looks exactly like a Natural Diamond, only that instead of growing on the Earth’s surface, lab-grown diamonds are enhanced in a lab. And when you try to look at it, you will observe no difference from natural diamonds.

Natural or lab-grown diamonds sparkle the same, comes with the same clarity, types of color. Likewise, natural and lab-grown diamonds come in standard shapes and sizes. Also, lab-grown diamonds are as hard as natural ones. As to the main element, lab-grown diamonds don’t contain tiny amounts of nitrogen. To understand more of its features, read on below to identify its distinction from Natural diamonds.

  • Costs much lower than natural diamonds
  • Value is not yet settled, especially for long-term
  • Made using an advanced and technological process in lab environments
  • Temperature and pressure in making is strictly monitored and controlled by lab technicians
  • Will not take hundreds of years to grow
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Shorter supply chain
  • Does not conduct or react to heat
  • Low rating for hardness


When it comes to choosing your desired diamond, you only consider what’s appealing to your eyes. You don’t consider that there is a great deal of analysis and time in selecting diamonds. That’s why distinguishing natural diamonds from Lab-grown diamonds are important to determine market-worthy and best diamonds to get. Both natural and lab-grown are still being considered by many because each has unique features that will impress you.

If you are up to natural ones and get the means to buy them, I advise you to choose natural diamonds. However, if your budget is limited and you’re not that particular about its features and specifications, then lab-grown diamonds are still a good choice. With that, let Mamiya Jewelers help you in choosing natural or lab-grown diamonds. Offering you the best products and a great price deal for the jewelry that you want. Simply get in touch with them online on

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