If you know the pomegranate, you would understand that it holds value and high symbolism with many cultures and tribes worldwide. For most people, it is known as the fruit of marriage, fertility, and abundance. With such value, it is only obvious how much value the Gypsy Handmade Jewelry Rustic Pomegranate Necklace would have today, mostly as a gift. 

The pomegranate fruit is also used for many purposes, some of which are popular, and some others are non-conventional, which shows how versatile it is. The Gypsy Handmade Jewelry Rustic Pomegranate Necklace increases the spirit of adventures in us as people with so much use. It is a necklace that represents good luck when worn anywhere.

Asides the symbolism, this necklace also holds value when it comes to the style and creativity put into the craftsmanship. For so many years, the pomegranate fruit has been eaten and used for other uses but not as jewelry, and putting it all together; you have the best of culture and a rare gem on your neck.

The homemade pomegranate necklace handcrafted in Istanbul is oxidized to bring out the Gypsy Handmade Jewelry signature look with the attractive gold color. This just shows how much of the rich culture of the people of Istanbul are put into this design. The design is made with the molding of brass for the base, which is then polished, gold plated, and then oxidized, bringing out the design’s uniqueness. For final touches, beautiful stones are added to the necklace’s design to give it a perfect outlook.

Perfection is not something easily achieved, but this necklace has so much added to it, and you have to see that this would look stunning for you, especially when looking for something out of the ordinary. You can get this online for $195 at the time of writing. It has value, a great outlook, and finally a touch of perfection from some of the market’s finest craftsmen.

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