Pi Xiu Bracelet Feng Shui Black, A Fashionable Elegant Bracelet for Both Women and Men

Goldenlight 2 Pcs Pi Xiu Bracelet Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet for Women Men Adjustable Elastic

We all love jewelry, specifically since it has been worn since the beginning of time. Right from the time of bones and stones up till now, where we use modern jewelry pieces, it has become a way of showing class and personal style.

The goldenlight 2 pcs pi Xiu bracelet feng shui black obsidian wealth bracelet is a beautiful bracelet from China. With so much depth associated with Chinese jewelry, it is a lovely way to show your swagger’s personal style.

China started the production of bracelets and other pieces of jewelry as far back as 5000BC, and because the Chinese people believe that jewelry is all about showing your depth of wealth, they have made a lot of beautiful pieces, all of which have been preserved for centuries, modernized for use now and causing people across the globe to look wonderful and dashing.

Pi Xiu, also known as Pi Yao, is a Chinese bracelet that represents luck, richness, and protection. It is symbolic as the jewelry of wealth and protection for the one who wears it, and with such symbolism comes good tidings for the bearer of the bracelet.

This bracelet is all over the world with many popular individuals, business persons, celebrities, and jewelry lovers enjoying the symbolic fortunes that come with this bracelet. It is also believed to sustain the wealth and success it brings, preventing it from leaving your home.

This obsidian bracelet is a perfect bracelet for preventing and protecting all sorts of negative energy out there. The fact associated with this bracelet is that it has a lot to do with protecting and preventing all against positivity that you desire.

This symbolic bracelet makes use of hand-carved mantra beads and gold-plated alloy pixiu. It is easily adjustable due to the use of elastic bands. These mantra beads are considered spiritual, giving your ancestors a connection who helps protect you from outside negativity.

This bead can be women by men and women as it has a special unisex look which goes with a lot of dressings. Asides the symbolism, it has a great combination of black beads and alloy.                                             The combination of gold and black on bracelets has a great connection with Chinese heritage. Many of the symbols written on this bracelet are old Asian symbols that rack up the protective power the bracelet has on you.

You can use this alongside other jewelry types like your watch and other types of bracelets to give you that beautiful looking combination alongside your lovely clothes. As we said earlier, this is a unisex bracelet fit for use in many situations and circumstances.

Goldenlight is a globally known company for making some of the best Chinese bracelets known all over the world today. They are known for unrivaled authenticity, and this bracelet is as good as it gets. This bracelet goes for about $14.99, and you can say that it is worth the price.

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